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The Problem Is More Than Just Broken Windows Or Bratton

It’s clear that Commissioner Bratton needs to resign – there’s no place and we have no time for public officials invested in unicorn tactics when lives are on the line – and it may even be arguable that Bill de Blasio should consider himself on political thin ice with the voters who took him to a victory on election day, but it’s hard for me to accept that the problem stops with them….

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Hunger Doesn’t Need To Continue Among NYC’s Children This Summer

Despite millions of meals being served last year, many still don’t realize that NYC offers free meals for all children during the summer….

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The Bronx Lens: Parkchester Is A Gilded Gem

What amazed me most about Parkchester was it’s architecture. The red-brown buildings create a sort of urban forest. Painting a visual solidarity that makes it easy to realize where the neighborhood begins and ends….

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When Bill de Blasio Promised Green Jobs, Not NYPD Surges

And what better time to start thinking about employment than now? The NYPD is dealing with a stubborn crime rate in some highly unemployed neighborhoods, fully knowing that employment and crime demonstrate correlations on local and national levels. Their reaction so far has been to put more aggressive boots on the ground, but clearly they’re doing little more than antagonizing neighborhoods. This month alone an excessively violent police arrest occurred after a man hopped a turnstile in East Harlem, a neighborhood with an 8.6% unemployment rate (compared to 7.4% Citywide). Last week Eric Garner died shortly after a police arrest triggered by an incorrect accusation that unemployed Garner was selling loose cigarettes (a crime he had committed previously). In both cases the men were arguably mitigating a few of the effects of poverty….

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How Can We Avoid Another Eric Garner Tragedy?

The lethal trap was already set, but it was undoubtedly triggered by the NYPD. It’s unfortunate that even under “progressive” leadership, our City’s officers are either still unaware of or simply don’t care to abide by the 20 year prohibition against employing choke holds. But it’s not surprising: as much as Mayor de Blasio has been doing to address poverty in the City many of the most entrenched problems facing New Yorkers, including over-policing, remain unchanged from their December 31st, 2013 status. A violent, health-endangering interaction for Garner could have arguably come from anywhere, but it didn’t: it came from those we pay to protect us daily….

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This Is A Way Around The Wall Between NYC’s Food Swamps And NY Farms

For a while local produce has suffered from high prices, mostly a reflection of the high transportation costs of getting the product to the City’s market. Meanwhile some parts of the City have suffered from an abundance of low quality food options. As Christy Harrison, a New York-based nutritionist and registered dietitian notes of some neighborhoods according to the New York Observer, “if the produce is there, then sometimes the produce is pretty sad.”

GrowNYC wants that common sentiment to end…

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Here’s Mayor de Blasio’s NYPD vs. Black Men, In 5 Videos

Considering what’s in the following videos, Dante may need to be careful. The Mayor’s Black son is entering that age range when most Black males become targets for NYPD harassment and excessively violent arrests….

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In Eric Garner’s Death, Video Proof Of The Tale Of Two Policing Styles

It’s a perpetual deja vu. It always goes the same way. Cops surround a man of color. Man of color talks. Man of color sometimes gets upset, but not always. Cops begin an arrest. Man of color gets jumped by a ridiculous amount of blue. Man of color may or may not die. Usually, nothing happens to the officers.

What’s sad is that, yes, there will be vigils. Maybe a march or two. But in a couple of weeks traditional and social media will have forgotten about it. They will have moved on to some celebrity fiasco or a new stupid dance with song accompaniment. Until another man of color is killed. And the cycle repeats….

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Health Worsens And Obesity Grows Among Those Unemployed The Longest

And even when the unemployment is relieved, the effects may still linger. According to Gallup, “a 2009 study of Pennsylvania workers laid off in the 1970s and 1980s found that even 20 years later, these workers were 10% to 15% more likely to die in a given year than those who had not suffered a job loss….

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The Bronx Lens: Jekyll And Hyde in Crotona

The Bronx Lens is an initiative to document the Boogie Down as it is now, not only to enlighten its residents and the world of its beauty and bleak nature but to also serve as a time capsule for future generations. This will be accomplished through photos of the architecture and its people, neighborhood by neighborhood. As this is a personal journey, it makes sense to begin where it all began for me: 174th Street & Crotona Park. (Also known to some as East Morrisania)….

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