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#TBT: Making NYC Waterways More Than Barely Swimmable

As the People’s Climate March gears up this weekend, see how the Big Apple’s public beaches and waterways have been affected by pollution.

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4 Interactives: Stop And Frisk Under Harlem’s “Historic” Black NYPD Command

Integration has been suggested as a way to address police abuse. There are unclear signs that it might be working in NYC for Latinos, and research at least demonstrates that many Black respondents think the race of the officer interacting with them makes a difference. Is there hope for similar effects from employing Black commanders in predominantly Black communities? The obvious big question then is, did any Black precinct commander change how Stop and Frisk was employed in Harlem? Comparing 2012 to 2013 could provide some answers….

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#TBT: 5 Disturbing Environmental Facts About NYC

Ahead of this weekend’s climate march, see how race and environmental justice intersect in the Big Apple.

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Are Black Women Unsung Revolutionaries?

Black women helmed many justice movements: Constance Malcolm, Carol Gray, Emerald Garner, and others whose fury at these cop killings would easily rival a Huey P. Newton.

Black women were-and still are-crucial cogs in the black liberation movement. They organized brigades and church congregations, began the Montgomery Bus Boycotts and even the entire Civil Rights movement itself. (Rosa Parks, anyone?)

Yet when it came down to who the struggle focused on, they may as well have been ghosts….

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A Look Inside The NYPD’s “Community Meeting” PR Machine

We had really experienced some of the finest NYPD public relations; operating in cooperation with the Church and even media. We learned both during the meeting and afterward that NY1 was all but exclusively dedicated to running pro-NYPD 47th Precinct community development stories. Footage of criticism would most likely be shelved….

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What NYC’s Recent Heroin Overdoses Really Mean

The worry here shouldn’t be about what demographic shifts are occurring, since these are normal trends in the landscape of drug use. Rather, it should be about the inexperience young and old users alike have with our current higher-purity heroin. But that requires a focus on public relations admitting how terribly ineffective our Drug War has been at deterring usage, apparently for generations….

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#TBT: #DomesticViolence Causes Most Murders of NYC’s Women

Relevant, as the nation discusses Ray Rice and the challenges facing intimate partners in abusive and deadly relationships:

Despite attempts to better address the problem, the NYPD has faced criticism for its mandatory policy of running background checks on domestic violence victims. Some police sources have claimed this requirement puts victims at risk of being arrested for open warrants….

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Since When Did Teachers Leave Their Bias At Home?

If you were expecting teachers, people who have inevitably been included among the samples of multiple studies demonstrating clear racial biases, to somehow don a facade of objectivity after entering a school, you might be reaching. Clearly not all, and perhaps not even a majority of teachers hold prejudices that negatively affect classroom dynamics. But there are enough, having plenty of the interactions needed to suggest that systemic racism never left the classroom….

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#TBT: NYCHA Failing #DomesticViolence Victims Is Intolerable

Leaving the home can be the most difficult step for many domestic violence victims, as the Ray Rice incident makes all too clear. But unfortunately NYC’s public housing authority isn’t in a place to house new victims in need of affordable housing:

Almost 500 “N1” eligible NYers with abusive partners are waiting to move into all too necessary affordable housing. But NYCHA can’t meet the demand for the single tenants: the Authority only has 6,200 Studio apartments, which also happen to be the most in-demand apartment style, according to NYCHA documents obtained by DNAInfo.

For these people – we can assume virtually all women, based on intimate partner violence data for the City – NYCHA is their last line of emergency housing options. That role is in stark contrast to the role public officials have allowed NYCHA to generally serve for decades – as a convenient way to give our City’s growing number of generationally impoverished tenants a place to live without making demands on the private sector….

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